The Boys who play football around Keeper Hill

The Boys who play football around Keeper Hill

Newport defeated Mullinahone in the county junior football final of 1965. Jimmy Power of Drangan commemorated the occasion in the following song (sung to the air of ‘The Bould Thady Quill’)

You have heard of the men from the Kingdom of Kerry
The Wizard of Cloyne and the Bold Thady Quill,
But in Newport tonight they honour their heroes
The boys who play football around Keeper Hill.

Near the town of the Rock they tackled the champions
The rest of the county had failed to dethrone,
But the men in the Green had other ideas
Of Kickham’s ball-kickers from Mullinahone.

‘Twas hard to get scores ‘gainst men like Mick Collins
Mick Lacken, Noel Gorman and sturdy Ned Óg;
The goalie Dinny Ryan and his young brother Jack
Sure you couldn’t get the end of a Ryan or a rogue.

At midfield young Carroll and Mahoney lorded
Centre-back Gleeson was out on his own
He played so much ball ‘gainst all opposition
You’d think he had friends around Mullinahone.

Seamus Shinnors, Noel Shea, Joe O’Brien and Neighbour,
Willie Nicholas and Durack would not let them down.
They got some fine scores and Dinny Brien the trainer
Made a cute switch and the boys went to town.

Warrior Mahoney moved to corner forward
Pulled down a high ball, paused and let fly
The green flag is waving, the crowd jubilating
Supporters around him are dancing with joy.

With pride Dear old Newport can look to the future
Her youth ever true to the cause of the Gael.
These green-jerseyed boys are a sporting example
Of honest endeavour that never could fail.

By the silvery Mulcaire, by Clare Glens and the Shannon
They are rejoicing tonight and enjoying their fill
They’re drinking black porter and praising their heroes
The boys who play football around Keeper Hill.